the naked truth about cults and erroneous teachings

The Naked Truth About Cults And Erroneous Teachings

Author: Sam Henry

Sam Henry lost his wife and five children in the Waco inferno, which claimed the lives of 86 people, in 1993. This book he hopes will prevent other families having to suffer the same fate. The Naked Truth About Cults And Erroneous Teachings draws on his own tragic experience and warns people of the danger of cults, and how they are potentially fatal.


In this book Sam Henry talks about his wife and children and how they were brainwashed by David Koresh.  He asks who is to blame for their deaths, and explains how he has managed not to crack under the strain of the last six years. Sam explores why people are attracted to cults and what they involve. He describes his encounter with David Koresh, and how he tried to get him to join him. The dark forces behind cults are exposed through its pages and it should not be possible for anyone after reading this book, whether young or old, to join a cult.


Sam Henry through The Naked Truth About Cults And Erroneous Teachings reveals to all where the real treasures of life can be found. He points us to the teachings declared by the Saviour of the world, Jesus Christ, which are the only means available by which we can tell what is truth. This book is a powerful reminder to all of the dangers of cults, and wields the axe at the root of all false teachings.


Cult /lalt/ n. 1. a system of religious worship esp. as expressed in a ritual. 2. a devotion or homage to a person or thing (the cult of aestheticism).  concise Oxford English Dictionary, p. 282, 1992 Edition


Paperback: 156 pages

Publisher: Wilderness Publications

ISBN 13: 978-0-9535577-0-7

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