Codeword Barbêlôn - 666 - Danger in the Vatican

Codeword Barbêlôn - 666 - Danger in the Vatican

Author: P. D. Stuart

Book 1 - The Sons of Loyola and their Plans for World Domination

This groundbreaking book is an extraordinary account of international power and intrigue that drops a bombshell, of some magnitude, into the lap of the reader. 


While Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code challenged our perceptions of reality and history, it failed to answer this very simple question: Who controls the secret societies?  Codeword Barbêlôn answers that question, in great detail and with impeccable proof! In this impressive piece of 'detective' work, P. D. Stuart gives us a startling and compelling look into the machinations of an elite secret society that manipulates and controls all other societies and major world events. A work of great insight and moral courage, this book exposes, in unequivocal terms, the secrets, the connections, the oaths and the codewords of the powers that be … Codeword Barbêlôn is a ‘tough book,’ that contains no compromise, no apologies, and no vagaries; it spares no characters, high or low … This book does not just name names, connect the dots …


It uncovers a plot so sinister that in the words of the ex-FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover: "The individual... coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous... cannot believe it exists." Codeword Barbêlôn puts the spotlight on a global organization about which President Woodrow Wilson once wrote: "the few who are aware of it, dare not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."


An instance of high scholarship and intelligence, this book is not only timely and compelling, it is a must-read for anyone who cares about our world. A riveting view of world power that deserves to be on the bookshelf of every intelligent, independent thinking person, journalist and politician.


 “... There are in the central house, at Rome, huge registers (with alphabeted edges), wherein are inscribed the names of … all the important persons, friends, or enemies ... In those registers are recorded ... facts relating to the lives of each individual. It is the most gigantic biographical collection that has ever been formed. The conduct of a light woman, the hidden failings of a statesman, are recounted in these books with cold impartiality … When it is required to act in any way upon an individual, they open the book and become immediately acquainted with his life, his character, his qualities, his defects, his projects, his family, his friends, his most secret acquaintances.” ~ (Abbate M. Leone, an ex-Jesuit).


Paperback: 550 pages

Publisher: Lux-Verbi Books

ISBN 13: 978-0954359669

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