With Cloak & Dagger

With Cloak & Dagger

Author: H. H. Meyers

This book is written for generic Seventh-day Adventists - those within the denomination of that name and equality, those who are numbered among the increasing groups of believers who, by conscience or expulsion, find themselves outside the pale of the denomination.


The author does not presume to engage in a definitive defense of historic Seventh-day Adventism - inspiration and libraries of Adventist publications do that adequately. This book will demonstrate that basic fundamental principles which were endorsed by God's prophet to His remnant church as having "unquestionable authority," have since systematically corded and even changed. It explains how this change has been made possible and is now being consolidated by a system of church administration which has been set in place to the expressed will of God.


With Cloak and Dagger contains a startling revelation of a deliberate and successful effort by a small group of men to effectively sabotage the message and mission of God's remnant church.


It is the sincere desire of the author that this humble attempt to arouse God’s people from their Laodicean dream time will reawaken in the reader that burning commitment which the pioneers so gladly exhibited in taking to a judgment-bound world the “everlasting gospel” as found in the revelation of Jesus. We can then pray with sincerity, “Even so, come Lord Jesus. AMEN.”


Paperback: 160 pages

Publisher: Hartland Publications

ISBN 10: 0923309284

ISBN 13: 978-0923309282

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