the king of the north's attack on the glorious land and the glorious holy mountain

The King Of The North's Attack On The Glorious Land And The Glorious Holy Mountain (2x DVD)

Author: Reginald Wright

It is our great privilege to present these long overdue presentations on Daniel 11. The intention of launching this subject matter on DVD disc is to show the true nature of Biblical prophetic interpretation. The hope is to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions that have come into the Christian church through the adoption of Jesuit principles of prophetic interpretation (i.e. the literal interpretation of spiritual truths).


The aim is to show the consistency of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, and the Protestant way of interpreting scripture. This presentation is focused upon the personal spiritual application of the truths taught in scripture, and at the same time, presents the spiritual and world-wide principle of interpreting new covenant prophecies.


While the video concentrates on these issues, the authors hope that the additional information on the nearness of Christ’s second coming and the events that are shaping the geopolitical climate will alert God’s people to the nearness of Jesus’ second coming.


Duration: 190 Minutes.  Available in NTSC*


* Most European DVD players can play NTSC discs. Please check the user manual for your DVD player.

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