The United States Of America In Bible Prophecy

The United States Of America In Bible Prophecy

Authors: Wright and McQueen

This video, which runs for just over 1½ hours, presents a powerful study that focuses on the major issues that have for many years threatened the civil and religious liberty of the American people as a whole. Events such as the American Civil War, Slavery, The Vietnamese War, and the spiritual and political powers of the Papacy and the New Age Movement, and also the technological advances in UFO’s, Electrical Weapons Systems and Weather Control - these all have a vital part to play in this role.

Brothers Wright and McQueen, as messengers of the Lord, also reveal through His Word how the power that once fought for the civil and religious liberty of all men, as a nation under God, will, at the end of time, through the influence of satanic power and the secret agents of Rome, come to establish a Papal New World Order, and ultimately reach its goal.

“The United States of America in Bible Prophecy”, as an extremely valuable media resource, is given by God to His people, and all those seeking to fear and love Him, as a most powerful message of warning to the world.


Duration: 93 Minutes. Available in PAL and NTSC

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