holy war

Holy War

Authors: Wright and McQueen

A historical study presented by two men who desire to preach the truth according to the Bible, HOLY WAR reveals through historical and pictorial evidence the very real facts - that world leaders and secret societies have been working for many centuries to build a New World Order that will have Roman Catholicism as its spiritual head.

Though many people scoff at the idea, the truth is that we have the evidence here for your very eyes.  As will be seen in this 2 hour epic, the momentous events that occurred on September 11th in the year 2001 were actually calculated to speed up
Rome’s drive for world supremacy through this “Crusade”, or the “War Against Terrorism”.

We are taken by brother’s McQueen and Wright from the source of all knowledge, the Bible, tracing the history, rise, and fall of the Islamic powers featured in Bible prophecy, and are shown how the Papacy, as revealed by God, is to be the central power that will control the world at the end of time, using the United States as its enforcing agent, just before the Second Coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

As we approach the end of time, the stage is now being set for global sun-worship, and the final war against God’s true and faithful people. This DVD has been a resounding success around the world, was released before all the other major 9/11 videos came out on the subject, and still is a reference video for all who are interested in this subject.


Duration: 130 Minutes. Available in PAL and NTSC

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