The Judgment its Events And Their Order

The Judgment its Events And Their Order

Author: J. N. Andrews

Another excellent study written by Adventist pioneer J. N. Andrews. First written in 1890, it covers this subject with the usual thoroughness, detail, thoughtfulness, and prayerful study that our Adventist pioneers were renowned for.


The main subject matter includes The Investigative Judgment, Examination of the Books, God the Father the Judge, Offices of Christ, The Sanctuary in Heaven, The Executive Judgment, and The Saints Sitting in Judgment. Starting with the question of the Investigative Judgment proper, Elder Andrews takes us through the scriptures, and allows them to reveal, step by step, the different stages of the judgment.


Paperback: 133 pages

Publisher: Wilderness Publications

ISBN 13: 978-09535577-4-5

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