Rome's Responsibility For The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

Rome's Responsibility For The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

Author: Thomas M. Harris

One of the most important historical books ever to be written in America, for it proves that the Jesuits of Rome (the Catholic Church) were responsible for the assassination and death of the American President Abraham Lincoln. The author makes it plainly known. This is a fact that is almost completely hidden from the world today. It was the beginning of an attempt by the Papacy to gain complete control of the United States of America, and also through the same event, to subjugate Protestantism and destroy civil and religious liberty within its shores.


General Thomas M. Harris was on the Military Commission that tried the assassins. He wrote this book to reveal the evil purposes that the Catholic Hierarchy have towards the American system of government, and to make known the extent that they are willing to go to in order to secure its removal, and the principles that it was set up to secure. An extremely rare book.


Paperback: 96 pages

Publisher: Wilderness Publications

ISBN 13: 978-09535577-2-1

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