A History Of The Gunpowder Plot

A History Of The Gunpowder Plot

Author: Philip Sidney

Wilderness Publications deemed it necessary to reprint this monumental work by Philip Sidney. Written in 1904, the author had drawn his information at first hand from the original documents preserved in the record office and at the British Museum. With irrefutable proof, he has unmasked the tyrannical mendacity of Rome’s diabolical attempt to blow up the bastion of Protestantism . . . the English throne and parliament. 


With a patriotic pen he passionately reveals the plot and plotters, and the terrorist activities of the Jesuits and their emissaries. It is said by most to be the authoritative work on the Gunpowder Plot. With over 300 pages and 16 illustrations, Philip Sydney declares in this book: who Guy Fawkes was, the true founder of the Plot, the role the Roman Catholic Jesuits had in the Plot, how the conspirators were captured, who were the founders of the Secret Service, and finally, he warns of the lasting effects behind the Gunpowder Plot.


Paperback: 303 pages

Publisher: Wilderness Publications

ISBN 10: 0923309178

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