Winds Of Doctrine

Winds Of Doctrine

Authors: Standish and Standish

This is the greatest eveidence that Satan has not confined his attacks to denominational workers and leaders, but has also attacked those in the self-supporting work. Tragically, some have accepted the nefarious subtleties of Satan and have led many that are not stabilized in the faith away from truth and righteousness. The ultimate result will be that many souls will be lost for the kingdom of Heaven.

This book is essential reading for all earnest Seventh-day Adventists. It takes up issues as central as: the name of God, the Godhead, the person of the Holy Spirit, the eternal existence of Christ, the Wednesday crucifixion, the correct Sabbath hours, and God's destructive judgments.


Paperback: 174 pages

Publisher: Hartland Publications

ISBN 10: 0923309624

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