The Rapture, The End-Times And The Millennium

The Rapture, The End-Times And The Millennium

Authors: Standish and Standish



In volume 6 of this series, The Antichrist Septenate, the authors have revealed the unscriptural roots of the general Evangelical Protestant views of the Antichrist and the Rapture. They have sought to return Protestants to their reformation roots.


This final volume in the Septenate takes up issues critical to our understanding of the final events preceding the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, events important to our preparation for His Second Coming.


Issues addressed include matters which are generating a lively debate in Christendom today, such as the Tribulation, the composition of the 144,000, the Seven Last plagues, the Battle of Armageddon, the identity of the Scapegoat, the seventy-week prophecy of Daniel chapter nine, and the Millennium.


It also addresses overlooked end-time issues including the four end-time judgments clearly set forth in Scripture, explaining the divine purpose in each, the ultimate fate of Satan, his angels and unrepentant humanity, the age of our earth, and the close of human probation.


The authors have written many books upon Scriptural themes and have searched the Word of God, seeking its clear messages for Christians today.


This book will open the mind of the readers to a clear understanding of areas of the end time which have led to much perplexity among lay people and theologians alike. It is also guaranteed to open to the reader Biblical issues which, when understood in the light of Scripture, dispel many of the perplexities presently confronting those who are searching for a clear Biblical exposition regarding the last cataclysmic days in which we now live.


Paperback: 378 pages

Publisher: Hartland Publications

ISBN 10: 0923309845

ISBN 13: 978-0923309848

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