The New Age Movement And The Illuminati 666

The New Age Movement And The Illuminati 666

Author: William Josiah Sutton

“Although ministers have always been aware of the presence of evil powers, this book of about three hundred pages puts the teacher/preacher in possession of astonishing materials that will, when rightly used, make his ministry more powerful and effective. It sets forth in vivid language some issues too little understood.” Kenneth L. Vine, Dean of religion, Loma Linda University.


Find out about the most covered-up organization in the world and their plans for a one-world government. This book was first published in 1983. This conspiracy goes back to the time of Nimrod, that evil genius who began that ancient apostasy in Mesopotamia.


Few realize that the principles and philosophies of that ancient movement are right now playing a tremendous role in both our political and religious life. The Illuminati 666 brings together many startling, almost unbelievable facts.


A reference book for all students of Bible prophecy and ancient mystery religions.


Paperback: 310 pages

Publisher: Sim & Sons' Publishing House

ISBN 10: 0917013042

ISBN 13: 978-0917013041

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