The Entertainment Syndrome

The Entertainment Syndrome

Authors: Standish and Standish

The Devastation of Our Youth

From Pokémon to Harry Potter, from brutal sports to table games, from the internet to trashy comics, from soap operas to sports, from rock concerts to opera, from Dungeons and dragons to Snakes & Ladders, from gambling to pornography; the minds of the youth of this generation are being systematically filled with satanic occult and paganistic concepts.

As late as 150 years ago, it is believe that Americans averaged not more than one hour of entertainment per week. Contrast that with studies that show that Americans now average about 40 hours of entertainment for that same period of time.

This book explores how this large increase in entertainment impacts the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual life of the human race. In graphic detail, the authors portray what can be the outcome of even the simplest forms of what many might consider to the "innocent" entertainment. Alternative activities are provided for those seeking relief from the addiction of entertainment.

Paperback: 118 pages

Publisher: Hartland Publications

ISBN 10: 0923309683

ISBN 13: 978-0923309688

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