In Gog They Trust

In Gog They Trust - The Great Apostacy Of European And American Leaders

Author: William Josiah Sutton

If DYNAMITE comes in small packages, the same could be said about this book; it is small in size, but explosive in content. However, it is with deep humility and concern for mankind in general that the author and publisher of this book have brought these explosive and eye-opening facts before the eyes of the people of the various divisions of New Age Spiritualism, Roman Catholicism, Islam, modern-day Judaism, and mainstream American Protestantism.

William Josiah Sutton is a best-selling author. For three and a half decades, he has been investigating the origin of the international Order of Freemasonry and its offshoot, the Illuminati. Using documented proof, the author shows how the sure word of prophecy, the science of Archaeology, ancient and modern history, and Mythology lay wide open these occult-based secret societies, like Freemasonry, and how they can be traced back in history to the first Mason of the Land of Shinar named King Nimrod. As this great rebel against God gathered most of the early descendents of Noah into a World Federation against this world’s true Creator, so did the books of Daniel and Revelation predict that another modern version of Babylon would reappear again in our day. Jesus predicted in Revelation 16:13-19 that modern BABYLON THE GREAT would be formed by three world powers symbolized in prophecy as the DRAGON, the BEAST, and the FALSE PROPHET.

Within this book, there is a fold-out CHART that shows the historical fulfillment of the rise and evolution of these three world powers that are presently laying the spiritual bricks which are, indeed, forming modern Babylon, just as the Judo-Christian Bible foretold. This book does not have a piece of fiction in it and it shows, without mixing words, why Militant Islam is at WAR with Americans and why they think that it is Freemasons in America and Europe who are setting up the coming Antichrist System. – The Publishers.

Paperback: 94 pages

Publisher: Everlasting Themes

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