Preserving The Ancient Landmarks Magazine

Author: Reginald Wright

Preserving The Ancient Landmarks Magazine has been put together to answer the need for there to be clarification with regards to the correct methods that God’s people should use when studying last day events in Bible prophecy. This magazine focuses especially upon New Covenant prophecy.


The methods brought out in these studies have been handed down to us through the Seventh-day Adventist Church from men such as William Miller, Elder James White, and Louis Were, who recognized that these methods were understood and applied by the Apostles as the Holy Spirit guided them.


The bulk of the material presented here was written by the late Pastor Reginald Wright, one of the co-founders of Voice in the Wilderness. It was his desire to have these writings published to help God’s people understand the most important aspect of Bible prophecy - the spiritual lessons given by God through Jesus Christ for personal character development.


Paperback Magazine: 44 pages

Publisher: Wilderness Publications


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