Christ & Antichrist

Christ & Antichrist

Author: Samuel J. Cassels

A Message from the Past


Published in 1846, this book had the title: Christ and Antichrist of Jesus of Nazareth Proved to be the Messiah and the Papacy Proved to be the Antichrist Predicted in the Holy Scriptures. Its author, Samuel J. Cassels, was a Presbyterian Minister.


In the preface, Cassels calls this book “not sectarian, but a Christian and Protestant work.”  He hoped that the removal of obstacles might result in a more rapid spread of the Gospel. He saw one of these obstacles as “Antichristianity” (by which term he described the Papal system).


Cassels added that in this book he took his stand in the great controversy and with the “great spirit of the age” which for him was the universal establishment of the Kingdom of Christ on earth. He hoped his book would not fuel belligerent feelings of religious controversy, but rather to hasten the coming of God’s Kingdom on earth.


Many things have changed since 1846. At the time of this facsimile reprinting of Cassels’ book, the great wound mentioned in Revelation 13 is largely healed. Protestant hands are stretching across the gulf seeking unity with Rome.


It seems the waters of time have swept away the memories of past persecutions and a knowledge of the Protestant interpretations of the prophecies of the Scriptures.


It is the hope of the publisher that this message from the Protestant past will interest and enlighten its readers. The message is a challenge to modern Protestantism to think again about their past and the Christ who called them to proclaim the Gospel.


Hardback: 348 pages

Publisher: Hartland Publications

ISBN 10: 0-923309-16-0

ISBN 13: 978-780923309169

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