the law and the sabbath

The Law And The Sabbath

Author: Alan Walker

If Christians are under grace and not the law, how can the Sabbath be relevant today? Isn’t it legalism to esteem one day above any other? Do the Ten Commandments really have any place in the new covenant experience?


These questions and a host of others like them are being asked with increasing frequency by evangelical Christians today. A fierce controversy is swirling around the role the Ten Commandments should play in the church of the late 20th century. Here at last is a book that dares to examine the Bible’s own answers. After many years out of print, The Law and the Sabbath has been newly revised and promises a powerful blessing to every reader.


With unfailing scriptural logic and the most profound appreciation for the doctrine of righteousness by faith, Allen Walker has untangled the web of confusion surrounding this issue. Clearly and forcefully the questions involving Sabbath-day observance for the new covenant Christian are resolved. This book will be a sobering revelation for many readers, even as it challenges to an ever closer walk with Christ.


Paperback: 242 pages

Publisher: Hartland Publications

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